About Us

Dyocon Group is a global consulting involved in Pharmaceutical project development, engineering and construction management, serving high-tech industries around the MENA.

We have industry experts in key locations in the Middle East and Asia, bringing world-class resources and the latest innovative technologies to every project.

Dyocon is different

Clients trust Dyocon to engineer a difference. We’re an innovative and entrepreneurial project development & management company that puts your interests first, with a great emphasis on people before process. We’ve relied on for our agility, original thinking, sound judgement and high-calibre people.

What sets us apart?

Structure and process play their part in engineering but at Dyocon we think business is personal. To us, working as partners with you is where everything starts, and ends. We don’t impose standard, off-the-shelf solutions and put you in a box that’s says you’re small, medium or large. That’s the easy way out. We give you the solution that’s only right for you. Then it is how we act that makes the difference, because at the heart of our client partnerships is trust, your trust in our ability to deliver.

People who deliver more

We choose our people carefully. They need to demonstrate leadership, agility, original thinking and prove their integrity. At Dyocon they learn to ask the right questions and earn – and re-earn – their reputation with clients. Close collaboration and our passion to exceed expectations help us to deliver more value at every stage of the project’s lifecycle.

We recognise that what works today may not be right tomorrow. Our clients’ needs continue to change so we will change with them. For us, great partnerships never stand still but always strive to deliver more together.

We are serving without borders

Your needs drive our business, so we offer every management and engineering service you need globally and locally. Our sector expertise spans many markets including biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical technologies, oil and gas, advanced technology, food & beverage, energy and science & education.

Dyocon is a prevalent combination of excellence and perfection in Pharmaceutical sector. We believe that technology cooperation is the platform to produce the best results, and we constructed our basis on this rationality reflecting into our Business Model. As a Pharmaceutical consulting company, our unique services model combines with high-end applications and technologically advance resources with efficient supply chain is to provide best Pharmaceutical support to the corporate businesses. We deliver high quality solutions to our clients at optimal costs by adopting the most relevant and advanced technologies through empowering professionals and building trust based relationships with our clients. We have a complete portfolio of Pharmaceutical dosage form and other Pharmaceutical services to help companies at any stage of their business.

Our strategy is to develop best team of professionals, gather best available knowledge about the Pharmaceutical sector and advancements within the Pharmaceutical field. With the best available knowledge, extensive experience from the industry and knowledge about the best available technologies enabled us to uniquely combine our expertise to offer the best technological customized solution to our clients. Our Strategies includes:

  1. Customized Pharmaceutical solutions with best technologies
  2. Cover the full range of Pharmaceutical industries and dosage forms
  3. Understand the customer Pharmaceutical needs and building long term relationship with clients.
  4. Create Pharmaceutical cGMP and importance of Pharmaceutical cGMP among customers to enhance the business

We have a vast experience to produce, provide, administer and develop a complete Pharmaceutical Plant and technalogical solutions for any company across MENA region. We handle from front-end planning and consulting to managing and integrating the needs of client into a Pharmaceutical framework. Dyocon has best expertise to tackle any challenge and opportunity. We provide system integration and management services to make sure that our clients are satisfied with their result and operate in an effective and secure manner. Our objective is to make use of the latest and advanced technology to execute the quality service and delivery to meet particular requirement.

Our main focus is to develope and construct Pharmaceutical plants with latest technology and in the best possible way, deliver high quality, and spares our customers the unnecessary economic burden.

With core competencies in the areas of Pharmaceutical Infrastructure deployment, Systems Integration, Consulting, Outsourcing and Support Services, our business expertise spans a wide range of pharmaceutical solutions.

We leverage our extensive network, depth of experience, market knowledge, and advanced technology to respond rapidly to evolving consumer and production trends. Our customer relationships, supplier network, and operations are unrivalled.