Green Field to Commercial Production

Project Development & Project Management, Master Planning, Cost estimation & control, Scheduling, Procurement, Client Representation, Site Selection, Feasibility Studies, Conceptual Design, Front End Engineering Studies, Production Planning , Risk assessments, Trial Batches, Regulatory approvals, Commercial Batches etc.

As an integrated engineering-procurement-construction Consultancy & Project delivery company, Dyocon provides our pharmaceutical clients with flexible solutions to deliver complex capital projects.
Offering full-service site evaluation, master planning, architectural design, engineering, procurement, and construction capabilities for pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, facilities and utilities, We provide a total solution. Added to these capabilities is in-depth validation experience with FDA & MHRA regulations, and cGMP and ISPE best practices.

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Biotechnology Complex Manufacturing

Dyocon’s Expertise in Project Development & Plant Construction Consultancy

Biotechnology is a highly specialized field within the Pharmaceutical & Biopharmaceutical Industry. In recent past years Biotechnology has evolved significantly as a one of the most efficient way to manufacture medicines. For example Biosimilar manufacturing is one of the most evolving segment in Biopharmaceutical industry.  Biotechnology is not as easy as pharmaceuticals, the manufacturing process in most challenging including optimizing and scaling them up and transform the whole process into commercial production.  Dyocon provides consultancy for the building of biotech plants including Biotechnology facilities for the manufacturing of small and large generic molecules with existing technologies e.g. fermentation, mammalian, bacterial, blood fractionation, plant cells etc.

Essential Systems of biotech Plant:

Vessels for media production

Buffer production systems

Fermentation systems


Batch and continues production and harvesting

Freeze drying


Ultra-filtration (UF) systems

Clean in place (CIP) systems

Sterilization in place (SIP) systems

Purified Water (PW) / Water for Injection (WFI) systems

Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems, EDI

Automation, control and plant integration system;

Monitoring systems including temperature, pH level, pressure, DO etc.

Clean Rooms & HVAC System

Testing Laboratories