Consultancy & Management Services

We develop projects from scratches in different sectors including Pharmaceutical, Biotech, API, medical disposable products, food processing, Nutraceutics and testing laboratories etc. We offer Project & Program Management, Master Planning, Cost estimation & control, Scheduling, Procurement, Client Representation etc.

Planning / Front End

We provide consultancy for Site Selection, Feasibility Studies, Conceptual Design, Front End Engineering Studies, Planning / Permitting, Risk assessments etc. We design, create layouts and manage the construction of pharmaceutical production plants and laboratories, which conform to Europian, Canadian and US FDA, MHRA and cGMP regulations. We involve highly qualified quality assurance firms for the regulatory work, quality control, and validation services. We develop efficient pharmaceutical production equipment sizes using marketing forecasts, in order to define the smallest area for manufacturing, reducing costs and building plants that grow as the business grows. Full layout services include production, warehousing, offices, laboratories, and maintenance.

Pharmaceutical engineering consulting services

We offer GMP compliance, qualification & validation, regulatory, engineering and architectural consulting services to the pharmaceutical, blood & tissue, pesticides and veterinary and medical device manufacturers, as well as related hospital and pharmacy operations.

We aim to give you a competitive advantage by helping you design, build and operate manufacturing facilities that will fully comply with international Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations as issued by regulatory agencies such as the US FDA, MHRA etc.

As one of the region’s leading pharmaceutical consulting companies, our GMP consultants, GMP trainers, pharmaceutical engineers and architects provide practical GMP compliant design solutions, which have a focus on improving your bottom line across the entire life cycle of your products.

Our GMP consultants can offer practical knowledge and experience on implementing or enhancing Pharmaceutical Quality Systems (PQS) to meet GMP code requirements and those based on ICH Q10 / ISO 9001:2015 for Pharmaceuticals.

Architectural and Design consulting services

  • We can design world class health science facilities such as hospitals, aged care units, GMP-regulated manufacturing sites and scientific laboratories.
  • Our engineering staff are experts in facility and clean room design and classification. They will ensure that work done on clean rooms adheres to the correct standards, helping to avoid costly mistakes.
  • Our facility design review services will ensure regulatory compliance and efficient workflows within a facility.

Pharmaceutical Engineering Process Design

We offer engineering design and project management services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, veterinary and medical device industries, we always try start with the pharmaceutical engineering process design and then wrap the building around the process, not shoe horn in a process into a suboptimal building.

Engineering & Design

Equipment Selection / specifications, HVAC / Mechanical Design, Piping & CAD Design (3-D), Electrical Engineering, Instrumentation, Automation

Commissioning and Qualification

Validation Strategy Planning, Validation Master Planning, Requirements Specifications, Protocols and QMS/PQS Documentation related to validation